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The greater part of the divine forces of the ‘House of Enlil’, who grounded the Brotherhood of the Gold, were living in Sumer, otherwise called ‘Ki-Engi’, most likely signifying ‘the terrains of the Lords on Earth’.

Nergal was the just one of the ‘House of Enki’ (child of Enki) who progressed toward becoming an individual from the brotherhood after wedding Enlil’s granddaughter Ereshkigal. Their residence Southern Africa was encompassed by seven dividers, seeing of the incredible significance of the spot. Enki was called ‘Ptah’, the engineer, in Egypt after the perplexity of the tongues by Enlil. The ‘House of Ptah’, ‘Ha-ka-Ptah’ offered a name to the Greek ‘Egyptos’ from which ‘Egypt’ infers. ‘Sumer’ is, incidentally, not ‘Sumerian’ however Akkadian, alluding to the terrains of the Enlilites (‘Ki-Engi’).

While every one of the divine beings utilized human slaves as hirelings, the Brotherhood of the Gold utilized them as gold excavators as well. They used to choose youngsters and ladies and convey them to Nergal, the extraordinary ‘customer’ of slaves. One of them was Nannar, the legislative leader of Ki-Engi (Sumer). Nannar is otherwise called Sin, the moon god. His image was the bow moon later embraced as the image of Islam. His notoriety for being ‘slave provider’ figured out how to endure and discover its way into Christianity. He should be the chief heavenly messenger Michael who gathers the spirits of the dead and conveys them to other directors for ‘judgment’.

Although Christianity includes numerous fanciful and agnostic conventions, the obligations of Michael in the Christian culture begin from genuine occasions. The deliverer of excavators (by boat as Charon or not) turned into the deliverer of spirits. Articulations like ‘we need to go when the lead celestial host Michael calls’, or ‘when St Michael desires the spirit’ are not strange among Christians. The chose people were taken to work in the mines for the remainder of their lives and considered as dead. A great many years after Nannar sent the principal captives to dive gold in the black market, the Christians still accept that he is the one (under his new way of life as Michael, signifying ‘he who resembles god’) who will come and safeguard their spirits from the foe! It is accepted that lone the dead can see Michael’s face and in this way, he is frequently delineated without face in numerous Christian places of worship!

The ‘Holy person’ without face chosen uncounted youngsters and ladies and conveyed them to a position of no arrival. Other lead celestial hosts slaughtered individuals and pulverized urban communities, made diseases that crushed each living thing or terminated their rockets at blameless individuals. We locate no critical contrast between the underhanded Hades and the ‘good’ heavenly attendants! The incredible provider of slaves, Sin, has been pronounced as ‘Holy person’ by the Church fathers, something we accept is, in any event, generally unintelligent.