About Our  Mission To The Moon

I see I am not by any means the only one in this cloudiness – I can clearly, yet – things expressed, in what manner may one be sure he is very alone? How might you change as per this – I accept as crucial? It is simply affiliations – isn’t that so? Where there are voices there are people, whimsical or not. You don’t have to admit to anything – it is the strategy for indefinite quality. Voices, voices that are not people, people with voices that are not people, all is one and one is all. Right when I cognizant, if I alert, I will then scatter them to the sun, the moon or to Mars.

 I would lean toward not to, you become sidekicks of those voices, yet I know when I cognizant, I’ll have to discharge them. Zero possibility of the fallen heavenly attendant winning here, he needn’t bother with this unfilled dull space, of nothingness.

Mother is here, her everlasting soul, and her, a little trace of her, her residual parts are in my memory, my cerebellum: genuinely, really, good, without a doubt, those are two of her photos that come to me, the spirit and the You, a player in her, we all in all have a You part. She comes in and leaves, conceivably it is I who am on some diminish circle, and pass her. Who does moving? What a request. I am not canvassed in this lack of definition, that is the point of fact, I’m just here – I confide in basically visiting.